Company History

1923 Taisho12 The company was founded.
1924 Taisho13 Operations began.
1951 Showa26 Manufactured the mechanical prototype of our first domestically-produced curve generator.
1957 Showa32 Manufactured our first domestically-produced curve generator.
Since then, we have developed, manufactured and distributed a broad range of machines including the following:
circulation type automatic abrasive feeding systems for various polishing machines, spherical center swing type polishing machines,
high-volume production cylindrical polishing machines, toroidal polishing machines, various types of high-speed polishing machines,
high-speed polishing machines using a plate with diamond pellets, single-piece polishing systems using a lens holder,
back-and-forth swing type polishing machines with a Tommy bar (or an overarm pin)
(which enables the polishing of flat to small-radius spherical lenses by using the forward slanting method,
instead of the spherical-center swing method, of moving the semi-spherical-center pressurized plate spindle forward from the vertical position to an arbitrary angle),
liquid polishing machines, polishing machines with a special device for polishing crystallized materials,
ball grinding machines with a special actuator, various polishing machines for ultra-hard materials such as ceramics, and so on.
Our machines are not only distributed in the domestic market but also exported worldwide.