Message from the President

the bodies and parts of automatic CG (curve generator) chucks

Ever since its foundation in 1923, Udagawa Optical Machines Co., Ltd. has held on to the following principles:
(1) "to contribute to society" and
(2) "to have our customers buy our quality, technology, and reliability"

The machines we manufacture are user-friendly, rigid and durable.
In addition, we provide long-term full after-sale service that no other company provides. For example, even today, we still supply parts for over 50-year-old machines.

Our machines receive great confidence and support from our users as the machines which bring significant benefits to them.


Company Profile

Company Name Udagawa Optical Machines Co., Ltd.
Address 1712-1 Oshitate, Inagi-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Phone Number (81) 42-378-2661
Fax (81) 42-378-2665
Official Web Site
Company Representative Kenji Udagawa