Large Size Pellet Machine (SJ1-K)

Large Size Pellet Machine (SJ1-K)


1) Moving the lens plate axis forward to any arbitrary angle between 0 and 23 degrees can eliminate a dead angle against the polishing radius surface, and rotating the upper and lower plates backward and swinging the upper plate spindle can prevent the polishing plate from deforming. Furthermore, the unique design of this machine helps prevent pellet flaws caused when the rotation stops, enabling stable polishing.

2) This is a pellet machine suitable for spherical and flat surfaces of up to 250mm in diameter.

3) The upper spindle adopts the back-and-forth movement mechanism, and the user can move the upper spindle using a handle even when the operation is going on, hence easy surface corrections.

4) There are a dedicated Tommy bar for each of the spherical and flat surfaces, so please use whichever is appropriate. If you already have a plate, you may use it.

5) The pressurization is controlled by pneumatic power and the pressure can be increased or decreased by stepping on the pedal. The work time can be set on the timer, and the pressurization starts when activated by pressing the start button (though the pressure is low for 2 seconds) and is released when the work completes. The upper spindle always stops in the back of the machine so the upper plate can be easily removed.

6) The coolant tank with casters is easy to handle.

7) Body dimensions and weight
     width: 830mm, depth: 1150mm, height: 1300mm, weight: 315kg